Some moms have an a-ha moment and decide to build their own business. Then there are some moms that have an a-ha moment but it never really goes beyond that idea. Sometimes there’s a mom that’ll have an a-ha moment and use it to help fellow mompreneurs sell their product. That mom would be Kim Lemmonds.

When Kim had her business idea, it involved helping out women just like her. She was amazed by the products fellow moms had made and, when it came to starting a business, she knew exactly what she should do. After connecting with various mompreneurs about selling their products, she launched Her website is currently home to over 130 mom-created products.

Tell us a little about is an ecommerce website that sells ONLY mom-invented products. It is dedicated to helping Mom-Invented businesses survive and even flourish in this difficult economy. The site sells products for babies, toddlers, moms, home, on-the-go, gifts, school and more! The range is extensive.

What inspired it?

I spent a lot of time thinking about how we, as a family, were spending our money. As the economy worsened I realized that whenever possible I wanted to support small business and entrepreneurs, rather than only the large retail establishments. I was finding that in my quest to support mom-inventors and spend my own money with small businesses I couldn’t buy more than one or two products in one place. I was shopping all over the place, and paying tons of different shipping fees. It was time-consuming and expensive. I also knew there must be a good way to harness the powerful buying power of moms in a way so that they could support each other’s small business endeavors, while at the same time bringing innovative Mom-Invented products to a larger market. Plus I didn’t want the same baby and kid products as everyone else for her my kids and to give as gifts. So I created

How many products by how many mompreneurs do you have, approximately, on your website?

As I mentioned, I only sell mom-invented products. And there are a lot of amazing ones out there! So far, I have about 80 mom-inventors and over 130 products.

Are you going to be adding any new products to the mix in the near future?

Yes! I am always keeping my eyes open for awesome products, and now that the site has been live for a while I get emails on almost a daily basis from mom inventors interested in having me sell their products as well.

How does a mompreneur get her products added to your site?

First, check out the site to make sure you think your product will fit in well with the other offerings. Then, drop me an email! We’ll chat and I’ll evaluate the product(s) and then we’ll try to figure out an agreement that will benefit both parties. My goal is to keep the site profitable, but to also make the mom-preneurs happy as well!

Why not create your own product instead of selling the products of others?

I think every mom has had that moment when they think, “You know what I need…I need THIS!” and the idea for a new product is born. Very few people have the ability to take that beyond just a good idea. And not all those who do can do it well. I’ve found so many fantastic products. I’m constantly amazed at the ingenuity and creativeness of the moms I work with. My ideas have all been good…but theirs are even better.

Might that still be an option for you in the future?

Absolutely! I never rule anything out. But for now, I’m proud to be independent…meaning I want all of the products I carry to succeed equally. I’m not invested more in one than another.

What goals do you hope to accomplish over the next year or so?

I hope to expand my customer base, increase sales, and build brand awareness.

What are some lessons your business has taught you?

People can be amazing. It’s wonderful to be part of such an interesting community as that of these mom-inventors. They are a smart, resourceful bunch and I’m proud to be working with them.

Is there anything else you would like to add that I might have missed?

This is the question that is leaving me sleepless! What else can I tell you? Perhaps that strives to support mom-run small businesses by offering a product line that is focused on items to make the lives of babies, kids and parents easier, more interesting and more fun. Most are not items you’ll find in mass market locations, so each sale on the site supports Mom-Inventors and their families across the globe.’s mission is to keep it simple for the customer, and always make their needs the top priority. It is the only completely independent website of its type, and 100% customer satisfaction in our goal every day.

Do you have any advice that you’d like to offer fellow mompreneurs that are just getting started?

Just that it is not easy. But when you believe in something strongly, love doing it and make it fun, you can certainly accomplish anything! That and that you need to be patient. Nothing happens overnight.

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