Stay At Home Moms Are Getting Crafty

It’s just another evening where Erin Jensen finds herself working late to create enough hair clips to fill a big order, this time for Ten Toes Children’s Shoe Boutique reports the Foster City Patch.

Jensen is part of a growing group of stay at home moms who have tapped into their hidden talents to bring home some extra income. For those that think stay at home moms are watching soap operas and eating bon bons, they certainly haven’t met these Foster City moms.

Being with her kids is her number priority and she has been a stay-at-home mom since leaving a recruiting job placing nannies and housekeepers in live-in positions.

“I’ve only ever wanted to be a mom” says Jensen.

In 2008, she realized she was buying so many hair accessories for her three daughters that she decided to start making her own instead. Jensen was tired of buying inexpensive pieces from name brand chain stores or expensive pieces from boutiques only to find out that the quality and style she sought wasn’t there. After purchasing sample materials and making her own unique designs, Firefly Bowtique was born.

Owning a small home business has its challenges. For Jensen, finding the time to make her pieces is the biggest struggle. She hand lines and assembles each piece, so it’s very time consuming labor.

“It’s also challenging to find time to make it to new stores to introduce myself and my work with three small children that have three very drastic schedules,” she said. “There are a lot of women in the area that do the same type of work as me, so there’s a lot of competition. I’ve had to find designs that are different and make me stand out from others.”

Logo from Firefly Bowtique

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