As you might already know, the healthcare industry is huge. From vitamins to health tonics, there is room for everyone to make a little money. One company, Optic Medical, has dipped into this trend using a product that is made for medical practitioners. Because their product is used to help doctors enhance their vision when working with patients. Since this is a benefit that works in almost any medical field, the potential for sales is good.

Optic Medical is offering an opportunity for aspiring sales reps and distributors. Whether you’re looking to make a few sales or start a full blown business, they offer a couple opportunities that will give any aspiring direct sales entrepreneur a chance to get started.

Independent Sales Representative ISR

The first is to sign up as an independent sales representative where you earn a 33% commission and leave inventory and billing to us. This is a low cost entry level to test the waters and see for yourself if this is the career path for you. You can operate part time but you need to be available during normal business hours when you operate. An ISR can expect to make $1000 to $4000 per month working on a part time basis. You generate a [commission] of $500.00 on each sale.


If your looking to start a full blown business then our distributor option is for you. Distributors earn a very lucrative 50% out of each sale and are responsible for purchasing inventory and collecting the proceeds of the sale from customers. Distributors can sign up their own ISRs and expand their sales force to broaden their territory coverage. You collect $750.00 on each sale. It is easy to see that you can rapidly generate over $100,000 in profits. Once you become a successful distributor, the door can be opened to additional opportunities and products.

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