Makeup Boutique Creates Playtime For Women

Between acne, psoriasis and chickenpox, Melissa Falkner soon found her calling in life. She was afflicted by all three as a kid and she had the scars to prove it. At first it never really bothered her, until she hit her teen years reports Go San Angelo.

“I had a passion for makeup since I was pretty young,” Falkner said. “I was the girl that never washed her face. … With everything that was wrong with my face, I turned to makeup to cover my bad skin.”

Late into her teenage years, Falkner faced the facts about her skin and started to take care of it the way she should have been. As time passed, her intrigue for makeup only blossomed.

Driven by her strong passion and rough experience struggling with her blemishes, she recently opened a boutique, Makeup Junkies.

She aims to provide a place where women can get educated on how to protect their skin and how to properly apply makeup while having fun “playing” with the products.

“I really wanted a place for girls to come and feel comfortable, especially if they don’t have the greatest skin. I’m not the girl with the perfect, flawless skin opening up this place and wanting people walking in and saying, ‘I want my skin to look like hers,’” Falkner said.

“I want to educate the younger girls. With me having acne at a young age, I really want girls to know how to properly take care of themselves.”

Another aspect Falkner is bringing with her boutique is a more expansive selection of makeup to San Angelo. Some of the cosmetic brands her shop includes are: Bare Essentials, Smashbox Cosmetics, md Formulations, The Balm Cosmetics, Mommy Makeup and Too Faced Cosmetics to name a few.

“There are a lot of women in San Angelo that have never heard of anything but Clinique – which is what Dillard’s has to offer. There is so much more out there,” she said.

Photo by Steven Depolo

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