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ELEMENTS, Inc., an industry leader in franchise online marketing and developers of the ElementsLocalâ„¢ online marketing solution announced today the release of its latest technology enhancement that allows Franchise marketers to develop and control branded Facebook Fan pages for every one of their franchisee location.

“This is a breakthrough technology for Franchise marketers struggling to launch a successful Facebook marketing campaign. Today, Franchise marketers fear issues like protecting their brand and successfully providing franchisees Facebook Fan pages,” said Jeremy LaDuque, CEO of ELEMENTS.

If trends continue, early next year Facebook should reach over 600 million members and over 3 million businesses will be marketing through the Facebook platform. Nobody denies the benefits that a well-managed viral inducing Facebook campaign can have on any given product or brand, but what most miss is that Facebook can be leveraged to build awareness for your brand, drive traffic to your website and generate new sales for your business. More.

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