GameTag Helps Kids Keep Track Of Nintendo DS Games

As most people know, Nintendo DS game disks are small, expensive, and easy to lose. One day, after giving her kids 2 DS games each, she is vacuuming when she comes upon some of those disks. While most mom’s would be mad about their kids losing these expensive games so quickly, she started thinking. That moment inspired her to create GameTag reports Street Corner.

Janene like any good mum knew that unless she did something about it , the games would be lost again, so she started tinkering around with various ideas to try and keep the disks together, and so found other Mums were asking where she brought them from as they had the same issue.

Spurred on by family and friends Janene realised she was onto something, and Gametag is the invention, that attaches to the games consul and is a lanyard with cartridges that keeps the disks safe and most importantly not being lost.

Janene is 4th generation to live in Bankstown and left school at the end of year 10, however she said “ My family and friends have been an amazing support and feedback network, that has helped me every step of the way.”

Now every member of the extended family have been packing Gametag’s for 4 months as demand takes off, with desperate parents everywhere lining up to get one.

Image from GameTag

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