Business Exchange Helps Local Entrepreneurs

If you’re in Warren, Ohio, there is a new program in place to help your start up keep growing reports the Business Journal Daily.

The Warren Business Exchange, unveiled by city officials and the Warren Redevelopment and Planning Corp., is designed to provide startup and early-stage businesses in the Warren area with the resources they need to succeed, said Anthony Iannucci Jr., WRAP’s executive director.

WRAP has dealt with multiple new businesses over the years, and when they fail the cause is “almost uniformly not the service or the product,” Iannucci said.

“Most of the people knew their service very well and performed the service very well. They knew their product. It’s what we call the business side of business that always seemed to be the sticking point,” he continued. Issues such as accounting records, cash flow, insurance and marketing “always seemed to be what brought businesses down,” Iannucci remarked.
Targeted to businesses with connections to the city — for example, located in Warren or employing a large number of city residents — the Warren Business Exchange will provide a variety of resources, including links to assistance programs, help with operating the business, mentoring, and office space and a conference room for meeting with clients and staff, and for training.

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