Students Flock To Entrepreneurship Courses

Fairfield County might soon become the new home of the entrepreneur reports In response to interest from their students, Fairfield University’s Charles F. Dolan School of Business has launched a new concentration in entrepreneurship.

“When we’d make presentations to students on management, we would get inquiries into whether we had courses on entrepreneurialism,” said Donald Gibson, professor of management and chairman of the management department at the university’s business school. “We also have a lot of students whose parents own businesses.”

Gibson said students’ interest also would be piqued at panels on entrepreneurship featuring school alumni turned successful entrepreneurs, such as Greenfield Online co-founder Hugh Davis and Brian Erickson, founder of Inc.

“It’s at events like that where we realized we have some energy there,” Gibson said, adding that the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management course filled up quickly to its maximum of 25 students. “Entrepreneurship is very popular among younger people.”

Screenshot from Fairfield University

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