Marketing: What to Track?

Every business knows that they need to track how many people are buying their products and services, but what specifically should you analyze when you’re marketing? Here are five questions to ask about your marketing:


Who is responding to your marketing? Do certain types of customers respond to certain ads? Who doesn’t respond to your marketing? Is there a specific group of people that think are in your target market but never seem to call you in from your marketing?


It seems obvious, but one of the easiest things to track is what advertisement or marketing method is generating the most sales or leads. If you try one advertisement one week and another the next, which one generates more visits to your store?


Is there a specific time of the year that certain types of marketing do better than others for your business? Is there a time of the year where your product is more in demand? Pumpkins always sell better at Halloween than they do at Easter. Should you be promoting your products and services more heavily at certain times of the year?


Does the same marketing get better response in different mediums? Print or online? Telephone directory or billboard?


Why do people respond to you marketing? Have you ever asked someone who called in from advertisement more than just, “How’d you hear about us?” If they say it’s because they saw your ad in a phone book, perhaps you could ask “What about our advertisement made you call?”

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