Finding a job at this time is not easy but starting your own money-making website that will help others find employment is not impossible.

A website called Recruitment Exchange is helping entrepreneurs start their own job boards. Their premade software allows entrepreneurs to get started right out of the box. They handle the SEO. You just have to worry about selling space and offering support to customers.

Tell us a little about Recruitment Exchange.

Recruitment Exchange is a Software company that develops Job site and Job board solutions. From Leading Job sites to emerging startups, we are in the nexus of helping companies solve their most critical software needs. We provide innovative solutions, pricing structure & business models to help your Job site succeed.

What does your software do?

RX Jobsite is a premade (off the shelf) software that helps start and run a Job board business. The software has all the key features available in top job boards globally. It also includes certain features, that are not available in any other known Job boards. It is designed for ease of use & zero/low learning curve for users to ensure that job board owners using RX Jobsite will not have to spend lots of time training customers on how to use the product.

How does it work?

Entrepreneurs may purchase the software or rent it out on SaaS from us.

On purchase of the software, entrepreneurs may host the job board with us or any other hosting service provider. We help install and implement the software & train the core team.

In SaaS model, all they have to do is sign up, we handle setting up their job site, optimizing it for search engine and going live. They have to just concentrate on sales and support of the job site.

We have also introduced a new business model BaaS (Business as a Service). In this model, we manage the job site & also customer support activities on behalf of the owner. They can concentrate on sales and business development alone.

In what ways would it benefit entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs who want to start a Job board are usually great sales persons, domain experts or individuals with excellent contacts within a niche segment or locale. They have the full potential to start a Job site and make it a success. But custom building of a professional job board is too cost intensive and consumes a lot of time. It also requires entrepreneurs to dedicate months of their valuable time getting the specifications done. With RX Job site which is already a proven and tested product, all they have to do is fine tune the application to work for their niche or locale.

Job board is among the most profitable online business options today. With clear product offering and costing structure, job boards can start yielding income from Day 1.

What separates it from the competition?

The software is designed for business success.

Multiple income opportunities – RX Jobsite probably offers the maximum income options among all packaged job board solutions. It also provides an option to bundle multiple offerings to offer package services to customers.

With Inbuilt job broadcasting, search engine optimization, Viral marketing tools and value added features, the software helps attract and retain visitors.

Ease of use and user centric interface almost ensures zero learning curve.

The job board can be customized according to individual requirements mostly from admin control panel – this helps reduce lots of customization cost.

What are some other advantages your software offers?

  • In built ATS for employers
  • 100% security for Job seekers
  • Multiple revenue options
  • Designed for Search engine optimization
  • In built Job broadcasting functionality
  • Dynamic admin control panel to manage the job board

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Today, niche job boards and geo specific job boards are doing much better. With targeted and localized service, they are in much higher demand. This is the right time to start highly targeted job boards.

Do you have any advice that you’d like to offer any entrepreneurs that are thinking about starting up a job website of their own?

We have a good resource section in our website. It provides some very useful tips and tools to help entrepreneurs make informed decisions. Entrepreneurs can download income calculator, Job board functions, organisation structure & a short competition analysis survey document to ensure they are getting into the right business.


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