“I Love Lenny’s.” These three simple yet powerful words sum up the devotion of Lenny’s Sub Shop’s fanatical following, and explain why this 150-plus unit sub franchise has worked so diligently to prepare for evolutionary expansion in 2011. Lenny’s has made another addition to their menu proving innovation is what intrigues and keeps guests coming back.

What’s so exciting about a new sandwich? Well, Lenny’s new Hot Italian Sub, which hits counters nationwide on November 1st, is only the second new release ever since the creation of Lenny’s original menu back in 1998.

The Hot Italian Sub is a combination of four premium Italian meats, provolone cheese, onions and green peppers grilled to perfection and topped off with oregano, pepper, oil and vinegar. It is similar to the cold Italian Sub already on the menu, and many of Lenny’s loyal fans have mentioned the potential deliciousness of heating up this already very popular sub.