Rap Moving Into Books

Ronald and Bryan Williams, two entrepreneurial brothers from New Orleans who run the successful music company Cash Money Records Inc., are turning their attention to the book business according to a story in The Wall Street Journal.

The brothers, whose company counts rapper Lil Wayne among its artists, plan to use the same techniques that helped build their music label to launch their Cash Money Content imprint, including selling books at concerts and holding red-carpet launch parties for authors.

The new imprint’s list of titles doesn’t initially include any music-related books. Rather, it will debut in February with “Raw Law: An Urban Guide to Criminal Justice,” written by Muhammad Ibn Bashir, a lawyer. In March, it will publish Wahida Clark’s “Justify My Thug,” a paperback original novel.

Cash Money also was able to secure the rights to the memoir “Pimp” by the late Iceberg Slim.

Photo by Cash Money Content.

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