The days when the corporate message could be controlled by a few managers are long gone thanks to social media. However, what would happen if you decided a few years down the road that you need a list of all the messages you’ve put out on the web? According to The New York Times, Tribal DDB Worldwide is working hard towards a solution.

According to Mr. Gunning, agencies and advertisers need to keep records of the vast amounts of social media communications they release every day in order to protect themselves in the event of a lawsuit or claim of false or misleading advertising. Other companies, like financial services firms, need to collect the information to be in compliance with industry regulations.

“I look at it and it makes me shiver,” Mr. Gunning said about the quantities of posts companies put out, “and that’s just today.”

The agency is teaming with Nextpoint, which uses cloud-based tools to archive Web content, to present a product called Cloud Preservation to its clients. The partnership is the first of its kind for both companies.

“Because of the explosion of content generated by the Internet, you need to have an Internet solution for it,” said Rakesh Madhava, founder and chief executive of Nextpoint.

The product, which had its debut in August, uses Amazon Web services to crawl the Web and archive sites, blogs and social media posts that can then be stored, searched, tagged and exported. The cost of the service ranges from $15 a month for basic service to $2 million to $3 million a year for “a full-scale operating service,” Mr. Madhava said.

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