Mom’s Nonprofit Provides Computers For Sick Kids

Jennifer Varner recently launched a nonprofit that helps connect sick kids with a computer of their own reports

Kilian, her youngest child, is her inspiration.

Last August, Varner was three months pregnant with Kilian when she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. She and her husband had just returned from a trip to Chicago where the couple had celebrated his 10-year cancer-free anniversary.

Varner had a masectomy and chemotherapy all while carrying her baby. Despite all the procedures, Varner was able to carry Kilian to term. She is now blessed with a happy, healthy baby.

As Varner underwent treatment, she realized just how much her laptop was a lifeline for her. She was able to stay in touch with friends and family and keep working as she sat in the chemotherapy room getting treatment.

Varner figured that if they don’t already have one, a laptop is probably the last thing on parents’ mind when their child is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. So as a way to give back after surviving her own experience, Varner has started Kilian’s Kids.

To raise money, Varner will regularly auction one of her Pure Ecommerce sites.

Screenshot from Kilian’s Kids

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