Vintage Rock T-shirts Are A Good Investment

Investing was probably the last thing on the minds of Iron Maiden fans as they flicked their Bics to the heavy-metal band in concerts back in 1982.

And yet, if they bought a T-shirt at the show, they made a decision that would make Warren Buffett proud.

According to The Cleveland Plain Dealer, twenty-eight years later, that $10 purchase would net them as much as $1,000 — an enviable hundred-fold increase in value, almost 10 times better than the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Neither can compare to the vintage rock T-shirt as an investment class. But most people who rock vintage T-shirts do so largely out of a passion for rock ‘n’ roll — the music, the attitude and the style.

“I started buying shirts because I loved music and thought they looked cool,” says Cleveland tee aficionado Gregory Boyd. “I never imagined they’d get this pricey.”

Boyd, a 27-year Cleveland musician who drums in the band Clovers, owns about 50 shirts, representing everything from the Grateful Dead to Poison to Joy Division.

Photo by WolfgangsVault.

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