Fleet Enterprises, a fleet maintenance company that provides mobile repair and maintenance services to the transportation industry, announced today that it has awarded a new franchise to James Parent of Temperance, Michigan. This is James’s forth franchise and is scheduled to begin operating in the Cleveland, Ohio area by year end.

“James’s make-it-happen attitude has earned him the Cleveland, Ohio market,” admitted Darin Gross, co-owner of Fleet Enterprises. “He promotes our service philosophy to a T and we like that.”

James Parent has worked in transportation for the past 20 years. “For me, it makes sense to want to grow my business and I appreciate the opportunity. The Fleet Enterprises program allows me to compete in any given market. The brand recognition I receive along with Fleet’s strong support network, helps me expand at the pace I want,” stated James.

In addition to James’s Cleveland, Ohio franchise, Fleet Enterprises has recently expanded their coverage into the Indianapolis, Indiana market. A new service location is now operating.