It Jungle:

Tupperware Australia recently unwrapped an early Christmas present it bought for itself: a pair of brand new Power Systems Model 750 servers running the IBM i operating system. The shiny new IBM gear will allow the company to process twice as many orders on the Internet, and provide headroom for future growth.

Tupperware Australia is in charge of distributing the popular food-preserving products through its own direct-sales force of 6,000, plus 32 other Tupperware distributors in Australia and New Zealand. The company has long been a customer of IBM’s midrange gear, and recent demands placed on its Web-based ordering systems mandated an upgrade in hardware and software capacity.

The two new Power 750 servers that went live in October will provided a much-needed boost to the back-end processing power of the company’s two Web-based ordering systems, one used for the direct sales force, and another, called TupperNet, that’s used by its distribution partners.

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