Invention Helps Protect Cyclists

A ten year old boy from the UK has created a unique invention that can be used by cyclists to alert people in cars that they are nearby reports North Wales Weekly News.

Tybalt Melia from Capel Curig won the final of the BBC’s My Genius Idea show on Tuesday with the Bike Bleeper, inspired by the death of his friend Lee Thompson Walker.

The Bike Bleeper — so named as it incorporates Lee’s name — lets cars know when they are approaching a cyclist at the side of the road. Tybalt’s idea is that by transmitting a message to a car radio, the driver will be given an audible warning that there’s a rider up ahead.

The clever youngster explained how the device could have other uses and how he hopes it may even be mass produced and released onto the market.

“It could also be used for horse riders and walkers,” explained Tybalt.

“Winning the competition was very exciting and I really hope my invention gets taken up by TomTom or one of the other companies I’ve approached because although it’s too late for Lee it might save another child.”

Photo by Morgan

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