USA Today:

Some of us entrepreneurs develop our businesses with a single location in mind. And if turns out later that Lady Luck is on our side — that we’ve got more business than we ever imagined — well, then we can think about expanding our reach of goods and services!

But pet care entrepreneur Paul Mann had big plans in mind from the start. He knew he would need a franchise operation in order to accommodate the already huge and fast-growing market he wanted to target.

It all started in 2002 when he needed someone to walk his dog. But he didn’t want just anyone. He wanted somebody who was dependable, took the job seriously and above all else loved animals. And, he believed that there were thousands of other pet owners who felt the same way.

Thus was born Fetch! Pet Care. “It was about more than walking dogs,” Paul says. “I wanted to create something that fit my own needs but could also address the needs of many other pet lovers and owners.” Full article.