Cabbie Invents Hands-Free Umbrella

Any woman who has tried holding an umbrella in the rain while texting or rummaging around their handbag will know what a struggle it can be.

But according to The Daily Mail Reporter, a cabbie hopes he has solved the problem – and found a lucrative invention – by producing a hands-free umbrella.

Observant Ibrar Ahmed, 27, had the brainwave after watching dozens of his women passengers fight their way through the rain.

The invention is a strap that allows an umbrella to be attached to a handbag and stay upright and still.

Ibrar, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, has had 200 samples made in China and hopes the invention will make his fortune.

He said: ‘Two years ago, I was driving my taxi and always saw women struggling in the rain to keep dry while carrying shopping bags, handbags and mobile phones.

‘I wanted to find a way to solve the problem.

Photo by Daily Mail Reporter.

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