Jeff Cicatko has always amused himself by making board games. His father even told him that he should make a living doing it when he grew up, reports

After a stint in the insurance business, he created a new game revolving around competitive surfing – just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Called Waimea Wipeout, it drew its inspiration from the surfing culture surrounding Cicatko’s home for the past 19 years on Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii, where breakers often reach heights of 30 to 50 feet.

He has already introduced it with surprising success to children attending elementary school in Sunset Beach, now his hometown. “The idea is to give kids something to do other than push buttons on a video game,” he said via a telephone interview.

Despite an intimidating set of rules governing the game, youngsters in Hawaiian neighborhoods have taken to it. “Kids dive right in. It’s really a pretty simple deal,” said Cicatko. “It plays just like a surfing contest. Four guys to a heat. Each guy has 10 chances to advance, using a ten-sided die.”

Top scorer – with 10 being the highest – wins.

Photo from Waimea Wipeout

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