If you’d like to give a gift to an entrepreneur this Christmas, you might like this opportunity from Gospel For Asia. It’s a Christian program that I support – perhaps there are other non-sectarian ones you may prefer. Maybe KickStart.org is a place you’d like to give.

Some of the gifts are what you might expect for helping Third World entrepreneurs – livestock, for example.

I ran across a neat gift that I think most American business people would like. No, it’s not a viable opportunity here today. But most of us would like a business that had

1) A one time investment

2) Provided profits monthly

What is that? It’s a pay phone like the one pictured above!  For $60 you can give one to a family and enable them to produce revenue for quite some time.

Hey, if those were still a viable opportunity here, who wouldn’t like to have several churning out income every week? I sure would!

Here’s how Gospel for Asia describes them:

Yes, they are still used throughout Asia. And when a poor family installs a pay phone near their home, they can reap the benefits of its profits for years. It’s a way to provide extra income for the entire household.

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