Silly Bandz Fad Fades

Don’t tell Santa, but the national infatuation with Silly Bandz and other shaped, silicone bands that were America’s hottest fad in 2010, seems to have snapped.

USA Today reports that with Christmas just days away, many retailers say they have cut way back on the number of bands they carry and some have stopped selling them altogether.

Kids move on to the next fad,” says Jim Silver, editor of, a website that reviews toys for consumers. “The bands were hot because you couldn’t get them. Now, the market has become saturated. ”

Robert Croak, CEO of BCP Imports, maker of Silly Bandz, says sales fell in New York and New Jersey where “there is some level of saturation.” But, he says in an e-mail, “We have seen our market share increase while others have either closed their doors or fallen off dramatically.”

Photo by BCP Imports.

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