Moisture is the enemy of electronics and jewelry alike. It can cause your favorite necklace to tarnish, or it could make your cellphone stop working.

First Care Bag is a special bag that you can store your favorite jewelry and electronics in. The bag is made to remove moisture from your personal items, and helps prevent tarnish. With a retail price of USD 10.90, the price is reasonable enough to pick up to protect your items or give as a gift to a friend.

It’s ideal for carrying your mobile phone, camera, ipods, earphone, watches even your precious jewelery. Now, you have every reason to be ages on the phone without worrying that your phone will be applied by moisture from your face or hands. Protected and secure in First Care bag, your phone or personal electronics are safe during wet outdoors sports or heavy rain. In addition, our special anti-tarnish features works miracle for keeping your personals items from tarnishing.

It works even better and handy to bring around everywhere, everyday. Use daily for better life improvements and smarter performance of your personals.

We are looking for worldwide distributor to join our family to sell our products in your country.