In what surely must be the greatest gift-giving innovation since wrapping paper, Amazon’s new patent liberates you from having to suffer through unwanted gifts, reports Fast Company.

You know that relative whose gifts are a little, well, off the mark? The one who hasn’t seen you in years, and keeps buying you sweaters that would only fit a 12-year-old?

Now, thanks to the geniuses at Amazon, you don’t have to worry about their gift-giving faux pas anymore. It recently patented a “gift conversion system” that will automatically convert bad gifts into a gift certificate.

Here’s how the system would work, if implemented. If you are the victim of repeated bad gifts (that happen to be bought via Amazon), you would log on to the site and could tweak your profile. You could add that relative to a sort of “do-not-gift” list; anything they buy for you in the future would be converted into an Amazon gift certificate.

Photo by Kurhan.