When most people think of garage sales, they think of junk. However, that is not necessarily what comes to mind for Ben Weissenstein. As the founder and CEO of Grand Slam Garage Sales, he can see the money making potential that is available in this industry.

Grand Slam Garage Sales runs garage sales for people, start to finish, in the Houston, Texas area. The person makes a little money off the stuff they wanted to sell, without all of the work. Because the business has been such a big hit, they have launched a business kit to help people in other areas of the US get started with their own garage sale business.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Ben about his business and their business kit.

Tell us a little about Grand Slam Garage Sales.

Grand Slam Garage Sales is a company that runs garage sales for people from start to finish in Houston, TX. We are currently starting our nationwide expansion via our Garage Sale Business Kit, which is essentially a detailed large how to guide on how to start, manage and grow your own garage sale business. And the Garage Sale Business Kit also includes a variety of other features to help a person start their own garage sale business. It includes help with retaining workers, booking jobs, keeping records and more.

What inspired it?

People from across the country have been contacting me for years either asking for help with a garage sale or help starting their own garage sale business. After research I saw that we were the only garage sale company in the nation, in fact if you type in ‘garage sale company’ on Google we’re number one. So, when I realized the potential was huge to help create a garage sale industry that’s waiting to be created – I decided to go for it. This way I can help lots of people start a business while indirectly helping tons of people that need help with a garage sale.

What all does your business offer?

Locally, we offer a full service garage sale operation. That’s where we advertise, set up and manage a sale and then bring all unsold items away to Goodwill. We also offer a pressure washing and a removal service. Nationwide, we offer the Garage Sale Business Kit to help people start their own garage sale business. And we offer a variety of other products to help them with their business such as supplies and web templates. The kit owners will essentially offer the same services as far as helping with garage sales, etc. People can find garage sale companies in their area (if there are any) through the Grand Slam Garage Sales website.

Tell us a little about your business kits.

The Garage Sale Business Kit is a detailed large how to guide on how to start, manage and grow a garage sale business. On top of that there are a variety of other features. When someone buys a kit they’re automatically in the GSGS system. So, whenever people in their area looking to have garage sales type in their zip code – their company information will come up. Then those people can book the garage sale business through the Grand Slam Garage Sales website. People looking for jobs can fill in an application on our site which is then sent to the kit owners in that area which helps them staff their business. We also give them a variety of forms to help run the business and retain records and we give them 2 months free of our Online Business Tools which is an online database to help them run their business and maintain records.


It’s only $499 for the kit right now as we wanted to keep it real low cost to enable many people to successfully start a garage sale business. All of the other products we offer such as our web templates, supplies, logo design and more are all at very reasonable prices as well.

What separates your business from the competition?

There really aren’t any other garage sale companies out there but as far as other direct opportunities…The business is low investment, can be run while doing another job as well, can bring nice extra income or full time income, has a lot of flexibility, fun business, real need for the business, and ability to be a part of creating an industry are some of a long list of reasons why Grand Slam Garage Sales is the way to go. We are creating the number one brand in the garage sale industry as we have the most experience and quality products to be able to help people start their own garage sale business.

Do you have any goals that you hope to accomplish over the next year or so?

Our goals in basic terms are to get all over the country by helping people nationwide start their own garage sale businesses. I really mean all over the country.

What are some lessons that your business has taught you?

It has showed me how important it is to be organized, work hard and be persistent.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The Garage Sale Business Kit is a great opportunity and people can find out more information on our website or by contacting us at [email protected] I also just wrote a book for children on how to start a business called Start Small and Grow. I’m a young entrepreneur and I started when I was just 4 years old selling lemonade, so I wanted to help give kids a road map and inspiration to start a business. For more information see www.StartSmallandGrow.com.

Any advice you’d like to offer fellow entrepreneurs that are just getting started?

Dream big, plan, work hard and be persistent. If you follow that, anything is possible.

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