Tupperware To Open More Business Centres In Borneo

Borneo Post Online:

Tupperware Brands (Tupperware) aims to open another three to five business centres in the state as the company considers Sarawak as a growth area in the country.

Southeast markets area vice-president and managing director, David Wong said this as many locals here had discovered the potent ial for business opportunities in Tupperware.

“Though the state’s population is nine per cent of Malaysia, its sales contribution was at 11 per cent,” said Wong at the opening of the Hui Sing Tupperware Distribution and Business Centre’s new premises yesterday.

He said the Tupperware Business Plan offered anyone the opportunity to achieve the success that many could only dream of.

I t was not just about earning a five-figure income monthly, but also a life-changing experience that enlightened, educated and empowered especially women, to strive to better themselves and the lives of their families and the people around them.

He added that in Sarawak, the f i r s t pres ident ial directors; Steven Yong and Annie Chong’s success were classic examples of how the Tupperware business opportunity had elevated the lives of over two million across the world.

Wong said that throughout the years, Tupperware Malaysia had witnessed their sales force strengthening without fail while the company had also expanded their distribution centres nationwide.

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