Ugly Sells

Well, that is if you’re selling ugly Christmas sweaters. The holiday may have passed, but that says nothing about the success of According to Post-Tribune, Adam Paulson, Kevin Wool, and Brian Miller are college buddies. Last year they got together and decided to see what they could do with a certain website URL. They never expected where it would take them

Knee deep in a pile of sweaters in Miller’s basement, ground zero for shipping, receiving and storing the massive quantities of Christmas kitsch, the trio recounted the past year and joked about where they may be headed.

“I remember the first night we did this,” Wool said.

Miller had the domain name registered for a couple years after reading about the growing trend of throwing ugly Christmas sweater parties, so they decided to put a few sweaters on the website and see what would [happen].

“We thought how funny would this be if they sell,” Paulson said. The 60 initial sweaters they rounded up from family and friends were gone within a couple weeks.

“Now 60 a day is a bad day. It’s just exciting to see how fast it grows,” Miller said.

Today they order the sweaters they sell for $15 a pop by the pound, not by quanity. The trio has sold thousands of sweaters in the past year and have shipped the purchases throughout the U.S. and as far away as Iraq, Afghanistan, Canada, Europe, Australia and even Thailand.

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