Five Great Business Apps For Google Chrome

For every person there is a browser that suits their needs. For anyone that feels that Google Chrome is the best browser for them, PC World has recently listed 5 free business apps that can make it that much more useful. The Chrome Web Store has not been open long, but there are already plenty of great apps to choose from.

1. Rainmaker

Rainmaker is able to automagically pull information about people in your Gmail address book from the web, Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook. This information includes mugshots, addresses, phone numbers, and Internet details.

2. Springpad

The best way to describe Springpad is as a supercharged notebook and To Do list maker. Because it’s a cloud application, your data can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and the app is built around HTML5 so will work on the majority of modern browsers, phones and smartpads too.

3. Simplebooklet

Simplebooklet is actually an online presentations tool. It fills a blindingly obvious gap in the market: creating presentations that can be viewed within a browser, and accessed via a simple URL that you share with others.

4. World Time Planner

World Time Planner is a simple app that lets you click and drag a slider to see what the time will be in various cities over the next 24 hours. Daytime and nighttime symbols appear alongside each city to indicate at a glance when the working day starts and finishes.

5. Read Later Fast

Read Later Fast does exactly what its name suggests: one the app is installed, if you visit a page in Chrome that you want to save to read later, just right click in a blank spot and select the Read Later link in the menu.

Screenshot from Chrome Web Store

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