Lu Chia-you’s father could no longer bend down like he once could. As a result, he was not able to tend his plants. So Lu created a product that would help his father garden again reports Taiwan Today.

His new gadget, Lu said, gives people who have no space to grow vegetables or flowers in their homes an opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of raising plants.

As the president of the Xinbei City Innovation Association, Lu has been working on environmental conservation and beautification projects for a long time. The plant bag he invented can be used to grow plants directly on the surface of a cement wall, saving space and beautifying the area, Lu explained.

Lu said the key to getting plants to “climb” the wall lies in the plain-looking bags made of earth-accommodated asbestos. As the plant inside gradually gets larger, its roots will extend farther into the soil layer, and the asbestos acts to absorb moisture, he said.

Photo by Theresa