Parenthood Inspires Dad, Inventor

After the birth of his baby girl, one of New Zealand’s newest knights is inspired to speed up the introduction for one of his life-saving inventions into the developing world, according to The Dominion Post.

Sir Ray, an Auckland scientist, entrepreneur and inventor whose innovations have benefited millions in the developing world, has recently finished developing a low-cost “Liferaft Incubator” which will use patented technology to reduce the death rate of premature babies affected by bacterial infections.

As a homeless 13-year-old, Sir Ray spent hours in libraries for warmth and it was there that he developed his love of knowledge and science.

“Fifty years ago I was sleeping rough under a bridge in the East End of London and now I’m a knight. It’s beyond my wildest aspirations.”

As chief executive of independent development agency and charity Medicine Mondiale, Sir Ray has created low-cost solutions to combat poverty and health problems in the world’s most vulnerable and neglected societies.

Photo from Medicine Mondiale

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