Mobile Devices Changing The Way Biz Owners Work

If you find yourself spending more time holding on to your favorite smart phone than your significant other’s hand, you’re not alone. According to Business News Daily, a new survey shows that 60% of small business owners are confessing to a similar problem.

Staples, the office supply company, conducted a poll exploring the use of technology and social media and its positive and negative effects on productivity and work-life balance. At first glance, the results aren’t encouraging, showing the growing tendency of small business owners to mix business with pleasure.

But this doesn’t automatically make you a domestic dud. In fact, this increased dependency on technology also comes with benefits as it allows small business owners the ability to achieve both increased productivity and a better work-life balance, according to the survey.

“Technology and mobile devices, in particular, can actually be good for family relationships, allowing Mom or Dad to stay plugged in with work while simultaneously attending events – ball games, school events – that were historically only possible for the non-working parent to attend,” said Dr. Seth Meyers, a psychologist. “Though the small business owner’s attention may be divided in such contexts, it allows for greater balance than before such technology allowed.”

Photo by Yutaka Tsutano

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