Top 5 Microbiz Opportunities For 2011

According to Dawn Rivers Baker over at, microbusiness opportunities often build from everybody else’s opportunities.

If one of the big trends to watch in 2011 is travel and tourism, then the microbusiness opportunity lies in providing the personal touch—for example, via a B&B or by supplying the handcrafted soaps used by the local Big Tourist Hotel.

I see a lot of the same trends I’ve been seeing over the last couple of years. There continue to be business opportunities attached to Baby Boomers, social media, health care and clean energy, among other things. The big difference in 2011, though, will be not what you do but how you do it.

1. Experiential products and services
2. Mobile apps (and especially phone apps)
3. Web apps for business
4. Marketing services
5. Fitness products and services

Photo by Incase.

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