Mom’s wear a variety of “hats” in their life, but many moms are taking on the task of entrepreneur as well. The Marshall High DECA chapter recently held an event that was dedicated to moms that needed a little help getting their start in business reports the ViennaPatch.

“Our goal is to help mothers who are considering entrepreneurship get that foot in the door and understand where to go with it and how to start out,” said Katie MacDowell, a Marshall senior and Vienna resident.

MacDowell and co-organizers Yafet Kubrom and Jesse Peterson discussed the growing trend of entrepreneurship among mothers.

Many mothers, they said, start their own business in order to have a more flexible work schedule or to solve a problem they encounter in their lives. The Internet and networks established through schools and daycare can be a great benefit to these moms, as can a passion for their business, they said.

“I don’t have to tell all of you moms, but when there’s a drive to do something better for your child’s future, anything is possible,” Kubrom said.

Screenshot from DECA