Bored is not often a word that is associated with parenthood. However, Leni Calas found herself at home feeling very pregnant while her husband worked and her daughter went to school, reports NY Daily News.

“It was a moment of pregnant desperation,” said the life-long Queens resident. “I knew nothing about Web development or design.”

The website, which features a colorful array of local parenting tips and a list of family friendly borough events, was recently revamped using money Calas won in a small business competition.

“I get daily emails from mothers looking for resources in Queens from the best neighborhoods to move to, to Spanish immersion classes,” said Calas. “Queens Mamas gives mothers a sense of … community online.”

Her website receives between 15,000 and 20,000 hits a month and uses about five to 10 regular contributors, she said. Events are submitted by Queens Mama’s roughly 1,700 Facebook friends.

Screenshot from Queens Mamas