Wendy Piersall wasn’t always a successful online entrepreneur. In 2006 she was working for an employer that she was not happy with, and facing a difficult time in her marriage with an alcoholic husband. Bound to keep that from holding her back, she made a change. She quit her job and started a business blog network. Although the blog did made some money, it wasn’t nearly enough to keep them going. According to Chicago Now, Wendy did the next best thing, she put her blog network on hold and created Woo! Jr.

“This one focused on moms and kids’ activities. I through there was no money in this area, but I’m a mom and I should have seen the value in it. Instead, I wanted to be an important business woman and not a mom blogger.”

In a very short time she has built her network to have over 3 million page views, while continuing to grow. Thanks to this success and visibility, she also has a book deal with the Dummies series of books to write Mom Blogging for Dummies.

Here is Wendy’s advice to anyone struggling right now:

One: “There is a huge difference between acting impulsively and acting on intuition. It takes years to listen and know when to act based on entrepreneurial intuition instead of impulses. Intuition is dead on accurate, while impulses lead you astray.”

Two: “Take a stand. I was not congruent in my values and how I was living my life. If the disparity gets too big, you have to take massive action.”

Three: “Every good entrepreneur knows how to hustle their ass off and work through stuff that’s no fun to work through. If you don’t have that discipline, you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur.”

Screenshot from Woo! Jr.

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