Julie Caliel Boney has come up with a unique way to choose the right colors for your home. According to IthicaJournal.com, her product is the latest DIY sensation featured on the Today show, in 2011 Women’s Day magazine, and on the DIY Network.

the Small Wall is an adhesive-backed panel that you paint with sample colors then put on the surface you are painting to get a full and true preview of the color and finish. The no-mark adhesive backing also allows you to reposition the panels to view them in different light and in the context of other colors in your home. Small Wall requires no primer or other surface treatments before painting. Sounds like the perfect solution when redecorating and choosing just the right color.

Julie described how she used the words of Winston Churchill, “Never give in, never give in” as her motto at times throughout the journey of taking Small Wall from the drawing board to the store shelves. She recalled the many times she had been told “no” but she did not let two little letters stop her from what she believed in. As a result, one can purchase it nationwide at Ace Hardware and at Sherwin-Williams, or online at Amazon.com.

Small Wall is proudly manufactured in the United States, supporting the community where they live with jobs and the local economy.

Screenshot from Small Wall