Mom/Daughter Boutique Dream Turns Co-Op

Lisa Crain wanted to sell her handmade jewelry. Teisha Boccaccio was looking to sell her handmade bags. So this mom/daughter team got together and created their own boutique. According to The Arizona Republic, their interest soon began to grow. That is when they decided to open their doors to outside artisans.

Over the past year, the co-op has grown to include 24 members, including two husband-and-wife teams; moved to a larger, 3,100-square-foot facility in the heart of Glendale; and Boccaccio and Crain changed the name to its Italian translation.

“We finally took a took a leap of faith. We could’ve never predicted that it has taken off so well,” Boccaccio said.

Skin-care products, handbags, jewelry, chocolates and candles are among the boutique’s large and diverse inventory.

The majority of products are made in Arizona. Shopkeepers get their own space and decorate it how they wish. What’s missing, however, are the pricey overhead and other tedious details that come with leasing a traditional storefront. Members pay a rental fee but keep 100 percent of profits, because Boccaccio and Crain do not collect commission.

Photo from Ragazza Boutique

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