Just Give Me A ‘Rattle’

What if you could leave a quick voicemail or text message with a couple of taps? That is exactly what Dan Sherman was looking for when the inspiration for his rattle.me app was born.

Dan was driving one day when the idea came to him. Trying to talk or text while behind the wheel is tricky and dangerous, but with a couple of taps the danger is nearly eliminated. These 30 second messages require little attention from the user to send or receive, allowing them to keep their eyes on the road.

These rattles can be sent to anyone that uses the free service. Messages can also be sent to more than one user at a time, and archived once it has been listened to. They work fast. Users receive their messages almost instantly.

In the rattle.me founder’s own words, this app “takes the time shifting concept of DVRs, mixes it with the clarity of voicemail and ties it all together with the immediacy of texting, to bring you a unique way to safely communicate in near real time, with your closest friends and family.”

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