What Makes An Entrepreneur Great?

That is a question that many people considering entrepreneurship have asked themselves at one time or another. Why do some people do well, while others fail at their venture? An article posted at Entrepreneur Corner takes a look at some of the things an entrepreneur needs to be ‘super’.

Guts. The entrepreneur world is not for the timid. You have to have the guts to pull the trigger, to quit whatever you’re doing and to jump into the abyss (and believe me, this is easier said than done). Most people just talk; few execute.

Desire. Great entrepreneurs make their venture the number one priority in their life; in short, they become obsessed.

Passion. Great entrepreneurs really love what they’re doing and believe they have found their calling. (It’s this belief that makes the isolating factors of desire much more acceptable.)

In effect, work turns into play. Rather than dreading Monday morning, they can’t wait to get to work.

Photo by Katherine Johnson

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