Most moms know how morning sickness can feel. That urge to vomit can happen anywhere, whether or not there is a bathroom nearby. According to The Vancouver Sun, Tara Ramos would know. For seven months of her pregnancy, Tara found herself getting the urge up to 12 times per day. Her Morning Chicness bags give women a place to hang their head, while offering a little style too.

She discovered that finding places in public to heave-ho is very difficult and can cause some serious anxiety. The best product she found to contain the problem was airline airsickness bags. She requested all friends flying to grab her a few, but there were never enough on hand. Others suggested Ziplock bags, but clear bags aren’t so discreet. Ramos was incredulous nobody had yet devised a portable puke sack.

“Everyone has stories about having to use your hand or a potted plant and I just thought this is ridiculous. So I decided to come up with something practical and cute.”

The bags have a message on the bottom – “take one day at a time” – and boast an attractive pattern. Best of all, Ramos notes that you can keep them in the car for those times when the kids have the flu or the dog needs to doo-doo.

Photo from Morning Chicness

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