Small business owners are on the go. Thankfully, technology is here to help them keep up with everything they need to do. From smartphones to tablets, business owners are constantly in touch and cloud computing, reports The Vancouver Sun.

Mr. Jacobson contends that the future uses of technologies lie in providing borderless brain experiences. He offers a few examples of how that can happen and what businesses can expect to see in the way of emerging technologies:

– Video is a powerful way of sharing information in a presentation. The more you can share video the better. Built -in projectors in handheld devices such as smartphones are appearing. This means small businesses can use smartphones to share even more information in an engaging way and on demand.

– Mobile commerce is becoming quicker and more secure for consumers and businesses alike, making it easier to shop securely, particularly with smaller transactions. Secure and quick-click checkouts from a mobile device will give consumers the ability to make on-the-go payments and stay logged in while they surf for more to buy.

– Accessing software, systems and applications in the cloud began with software as a service (SaaS) and is quickly accelerating. Companies are now using time-and security-critical solutions outside their firewalls. Mobile computing is an important new impetus for use of the cloud: a natural symbiosis is developing between cloud and mobile.

Photo by Ian Lamont

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