Lisa Ballantine might be just another mom, but she’s also a woman that has found a way to help provide safe drinking water to people in third world countries, reports Daily Herald. She has developed a clay water filter that can be made by locals in those countries.

There’s a patent pending on her FilterPure water filtration system, and it’s become a nonprofit business with factories in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Tanzania. Ballantine’s long list of customers includes Addison-based Lutheran Church Charities, Oxfam, Save the Children and the World Health Organization.

In a few weeks, Ballantine will break ground on FilterPure’s International Training Center in the Dominican Republic, where she spends half the year with her husband, Michael, who is a developer there.

With encouragement from public health experts at major American universities, Ballantine will train people from all over the world how to make FilterPure filters so they can take that knowledge to all corners of the globe.

“I’m just a mom who started a little project, and now it’s taking off,” she said.

Screenshot from FilterPure