Calgary Herald Profiles Vector Marketing Division Manager for Outstanding Community Service


As profiled in a December 23, 2010 article in the Calgary Herald titled, Kindest Cut Nets Service Award, Vector Marketing division manager Angie Macdougall was recently awarded the Marty Domitrovich Award for Community Service. According to the article, the presentation was made at the company’s Strategic Leadership Conference in San Diego. The article stated that the award is given in memory of one of Vector Marketing’s most esteemed leaders, and is presented each year to the person/persons showing outstanding contributions to their communities. This is the first year the award has been presented.

The article profiled Macdougall, a mother of two who runs all of Vector Marketing’s Western Canada offices, for her many local activities.

“It is a distinct honor to receive this award,” Macdougall told the Calgary Herald. “I’d like to thank my family, staff, and all of the mentors I’ve had at Vector Marketing for all of the support over the years. It is a pleasure to share this award with all of these people.”

Among the people quoted for the article was Joe Cardillo, National Sales Manager of Vector Canada.

“Angie has been a true Canadian success story since she started with us in 1994 as a University of Calgary student,” Cardillo said. “She has excelled at every role she has had, advancing quickly through our company to her current role of Division Manager for Western Canada in Vector. I am thrilled she has achieved this award because like the namesake of the award, Marty Domitrovich, Angie has excelled in our business and excelled making a difference in her community.”

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