Women play a big role within society. We work hard as employees, business owners, and moms. Unfortunately, demands on our time can distract us from our true financial goals. Indo American News has listed five strategies that can help women (and men) get their finances in check.

Step #1: Be honest with yourself.
Take a good, hard look at where you and your family members spend money.

Step #2: Manage your money — and your debt — wisely.
It is critical that you have a good handle on both your budget and your credit score.

Step #3: Plan for the unexpected.
It is advised that you should have at least six months of expenses saved in case of an emergency.

Step #4: Talk about the hard stuff.
Preparing for the unexpected is a good decision; it can help you to protect the lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve.

Step #5: Start a family finances action plan.
Consider setting aside an hour once a week–or every other week at the very least–to talk through your current expense issues, financial goals and savings plan.

Photo from Andrew Magill

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