How do we measure the level of passion that someone feels for cars? Do we look at the number they own, or the work they do? Either way, it is obvious Daniel Poirier has a thing for vehicles. According to The Gazette, he is the owner of Passion Diecast, one of the largest outlets specializing in diecast cars.

“I owned a video club in La Plaine and I decided to add a few collectible diecast cars in one corner of my store,” Poirier explained. “I wanted to sell a few products so I could get the best prices for my own collection. I started out with 30 or 40 pieces on display.”

With a special interest in American cars, Poirier’s personal collection began innocently enough as an anniversary gift of two cars from his wife in 1992. Little did she know then what passion she stirred in her husband!

The video rental business was sold in 2006 to help finance his new business, Passion Diecast. Poirier opened a storefront in Laval with 1,200 square feet near the Guzzo Cinema on Highway 15. The business steadily grew and space became a problem even with a 2,500-square-foot warehouse. Poirier moved to his present location in Centre Laval in November.

“It’s fun to watch people as they pass my front window,” Poirier said with a laugh. “They stop and stare like they can’t believe what they see. You should see all the fingerprints on the window. When they finally walk in I want to pinch them and say ‘Yes, it’s not a dream, its real’!”

Image from Passion Diecast