Jo Meacham is a people-person, while her husband prefers to keep to himself. This opposites attract appearance not only works for relationships, but it has helped make their business, Urban Kitchens, a success. According to NewsOK, it all started in 1999.

“We decided to focus on kitchens, because that allows us to offer the best design and prices,” Meacham said. Because cabinetry is roughly one-third of project costs, Urban Kitchens offers six cabinet lines, from the basics to exotic woods, with a wide range of prices, she said.

“The demand for new and well-designed kitchens has increased every year since we started,” Meacham said. “It’s almost become a requirement. Used to, people lived with a lot of things, but appliances are changing and the way we cook is changing.”

Homeowners, Meacham said, often elect to knock down walls, so that the kitchen can be part of the house.

This past year, Urban Kitchens enjoyed its best year with about 28 projects, Meacham said.

Photo from Urban Kitchens