ECHOage Eco-Friendly Birthday Parties

If you’ve ever wanted to throw your child a party that would give back, ECOage is probably the service for you.

The first step to an eco-friendly birthday party is to go paperless. This service helps you do that by offering a variety of unique, fun electronic invitations for you to choose from. Once everyone has been invited, it’s time to consult your child over which charity they would like their “birthday gifts” to be donated to. The charity you choose will be the charity that guests are asked to donate to as their gift to the birthday boy or girl.

However, that donation is split up. A small portion of each donation goes to ECHOage to help support their service. Half of what is left over is then sent to the charity of choice, while the other half is sent to the parent so they can buy the child one main gift from all of the guests.

Ultimately, their goal is to help you teach your child about the art of giving and receiving. Children learn how good it feels to give to someone else, and they learn a lesson or two about quality – receiving only one great gift for their birthday – over quantity.

The company was created with a special purpose in mind.

ECHOage was created to help concerned parents like you turn your child’s next birthday party into an environmentally respectful and socially mindful celebration. Besides helping you and your child save the earth, support those in need, and inspire others to follow in your footsteps, we’ll also be helping you save precious time and money.

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