Majority Small Biz Support Health Care Reform Repeal

AOL is reporting that a new survey says the majority of small business owners are in support of repealing health care reform.

More than half (55 percent) of small-business owners support repeal of health care reform, according to a survey conducted in early January by Discover Small Business Watch. Forty-six percent say health-care reform, as it currently stands, will hurt their businesses, while 27 percent say it will help.

Most of the business owners cite cost as the major factor in their dissatisfaction, with nearly half (47 percent) of those who currently provide health insurance considering eliminating it due to its high cost. (A word of warning: It will be especially hard to hold on to valuable employees if you ditch their health coverage.) On the other hand, 69 percent of business owners say it’s hard to find affordable health care for themselves and their employees, an increase of 4 points from last year.

Photo by Fibonacci Blue

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