Nine is a year old company that caters to the mom-to-be. According to The Province, they provide fashionable maternity wear, nursing gear, diaper bags, lingerie, baby carriers, and more.

How did you get started? It took three years to create a solid business plan and work out the many details that come with planning a new business. I graduated from Blanche Mac-Donald Centre in Vancouver with a fashion-merchandising diploma. I have worked in retail and was previously a project manager for a design/marketing studio.

The Fraser Valley is full of young families and women who want to look and feel pretty and keep their sense of style when expecting. I wanted to create a space that is an oasis for mom’s to come and pick out something that makes them feel and look fabulous.

What do you like best about your business? I love problem solving, which is essentially what business is. I enjoy working for myself and learning something new each day. I love reflecting back on the past year and seeing the good and poor decisions made and being able to move forward in the right direction. My favourite part of business is researching products and bringing in items that I know they’re the best, not because they have a celebrity endorsement or a high-powered marketing campaign behind them.

Screenshot from Nine